講師登録日 2010年06月21日
名前 Mau
性別 Female
年齢 43 Years old
最終学歴 La Consolacion College, Mendiola, Manila Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management
Web camera
自己紹介(英文) Greetings! My name is Teacher Mau. I am a Business Management graduate and because of my passion for teaching I took up Education units and I am now a licensed teacher. I have been teaching English online for almost three years now and I have handled different students from beginner to intermediate level. I find great happiness when I can see my students improve and be more confident in speaking the English language. So what are you waiting for? Let us work hand in hand to learn and further improve your English skills. I’m looking forward to having classes with you and say “I’m proud of you!”
事務局コメント 講師Mauは、オンライン英会話の指導のエキスパートです。初心者レベルから中級者までの外国人に対する指導経験が豊富です。てきぱきとした性格できちんとしたレッスンを行います。2015年1月よりアメリカへ移住して、現在、アメリカからレッスンを行っています。
  1. Greatest Inventions
  2. Studying Overseas
  3. Smoking and Drinking
  4. Environment and Pollution
  5. What is Happiness?
  6. Greatest Hero
  7. Beauty & Fashion
  8. Marriage & Divorce
  9. Crimes in Japan
  10. Food & Eating
  11. Phobias
  12. Money and Shopping
  13. Time Machine
  14. Free Time & Hobbies
  15. Importance of Friends in our Lives
  16. Likes & Dislikes
  17. Animals & Pets
  18. Tell me about...
  19. What if questions..
  20. How do you...
  21. Sleep and Dreams
  22. Generation Gap
  23. Gender Roles (Men & Women)
  24. Cars & Driving
  25. Depression and Suicide
  26. All About Religion
  27. Exotic Foods
Lesson evaluation

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Teacher Date Lesson
Eager degree English
Mau 1/13/2014 Tutor-trial better best best best best best She spoke slowly and clearly, so she is the excellent teacher for beginners.
Mau 6/17/2013 Speech-trial best best best best best best 自己紹介は5分ほどで切り上げ。興味本位の私的質問もなく好感。大抵のオンラインでは長々と自己紹介ばかりで、いやだったから。トライアルテストはきびきびとされ、大変面白かった。彼女が落ち着いているので、私も落ち着いて受けれた。結果は5だったが、もっと上達できるよう頑張りたいと思った。
Mau 3/15/2013 Free best better best best best best
Mau 2/28/2013 Free better good better better better better
Mau 2/21/2013 Free better best better better better better
Mau 2/18/2013 Free better better better better better best
Mau 1/7/2013 Main best best No answer best best best Thanks to your lesson I fully realized that I don't know how to express daily things like dishes or desserts and don't have enough vocabularies, especially adjectives.
Mau 12/27/2012 Main best best No answer No answer best best Her lecture is so friendly and rhythmical that I forgot my conversational ability was poor.
Mau 11/5/2012 Free better good better better good good introduce
and talk about Interesting Facts About Japan
Mau 10/18/2012 Free better better better better better better She is good teacher^^
Mau 10/10/2012 Free better better better better better better Her lesson is interesting^^
Mau 9/21/2012 Free better better better best better better I think the internet connection of her is not always so good. So I asked her to repeat what she say during the lesson again and again.
Mau 9/5/2012 Main best best best best best best The Internet condition was good, I was able to hear the teacher without problem. She spoke clearly, not too fast, it helped me to understand well. I'm satisfied with the class.
Mau 9/5/2012 Main best best best best best best She is a very nice teacher.
I don't have words at all.
Mau 8/29/2012 Free best best best best worse bad Maybe because Internet connection was bad, I ccouldn't hear her voice clearly. And If I spoke, I couldn't hear her voice at all and sometimes my voice was echo and I heard my voice. But I should have told teacher about this trouble.
Mau 8/22/2012 Free best best best best best best She is good at making student speake.
Also when I made mistakes, she let me know and teach correct sentence.
I think she is one of the most excellent teachers in pinas square.
Unfortunately most of her lessons are in daytime so it is rare that I can take her lesson but I like her lesson very much.
Mau 8/21/2012 Main best best best best best best It's nice lesson!
Mau 8/16/2012 Main best best best best best best 今一つ伸び悩みを感じている思いを知ってか知らずか、言葉が出てこなくてうなっている私からどんどん会話を引っ張り出してくれます。
Mau 8/15/2012 Main best best best best best best She gives me imaginative lessons. That makes me fun everytime. Thank you.
Mau 7/31/2012 Free best best best best best best Thank you to give a link about power Japanese food in this extra hot summer day in Japan. All of the foods in this article are familiar for me and easy to understand the English. It is not so easy to explain for teacher but I can easily understand the contents of the English. I would like to explain such a Japanese foods for foreigners more easily....
Mau 7/30/2012 Main best best best best best best I try to write in English after a long time.
Teacher Mou took me English conversation quickly and slowly.
She retrieve me sometimes but She didn't retrieve me all of my mistakes.
She taught me a few point every lesson.
It's good for me.
If I can keep to get her lesson, I may have confident in speaking English.
Mau 7/23/2012 Main best best best best best best 私にはちょっと速いやり取りに終止しますが、分かり安いです。
Mau 7/17/2012 Main best best best best best best 本当はきちんと理解できていないかも知れませんが、自分では付いていけていると思っています。
Mau 7/13/2012 Free better better better better better better Teacher's speech is easy to understand. Clear and easy to listen her voice. Thank you.
Mau 7/10/2012 Main best best best best best best 声には張りがあって発音は聞き取りやすく、機転の効いたトークでどんどん引っ張ってくれます。
Mau 7/7/2012 Main good bad No answer good worse worse 答えにつまっていてもほとんど助けてもらえず

Mau 6/30/2012 Free best best best better best better It was my second time to take Mau's lesson. I einjyed her lesson very much! Her attitude for the lesson very energetic, and so I could enjoy talking with her.
I'd like to take her lesson again.
Mau 6/26/2012 Free best better better better better better 初めてのレッスンでしたが、とても満足度の高いものでした。フリートークでたくさん話せましたし、こちらが答えやすくかつ的を射た質問をしてくれるので、楽しくあっという間に時間が過ぎてしまいました。文法の訂正もしてくれたのですが、チャットボックスを使ってくださるともっとよかったと思います。また受講したいですが、時間が合わないのが残念です。
Mau 6/14/2012 Free best best best best best best Today's lesson was the first time I had met her.
She is a excellent teacher.
Her English is clear and easy to hear for me.
Unfortunatly, my schedule don't match to her lesson time but I want to get her lesson once in a while.
Mau 6/9/2012 Free best best best best best best とても明るくはきはきとした先生です。
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