243 Health Lessons From Around the World


From antioxidant-stuffed spices to midday Zs, every country has its own unique brand of staying healthy, happy, and fit. And it looks like we could learn a thing or two.

The life expectancy of the average American lags behind every industrialized nation on Earth except Qatar. North America is home to only 6 percent of the world’s population, but accounts for 34 percent of the world’s weight due to obesity, contributing to mounting stateside rates of diabetes and heart disease, according to research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I – Word Understanding
antioxidant – a substance that may prevent or delay cell damage
mounting – increasing

II – Have Your Say
So how does the rest of the world keep their health in check? With simple, totally doable lifestyle habits:
1. India – spicy food slows eating, and requires a heck of a lot of water to wash down
2. The Netherlands – More than half of Dutch bike owners use their two-wheelers for daily activities, such as running errands and commuting to work.
3. Mexico – make lunch very satisfying and downsize dinner
4. Brazil – having strong social ties is as important to longevity as not smoking
5. Poland – eat at home
6. Japan – stop eating when you are slightly satisfied
7. China – meditation can reduce heart attack risk, anxiety and depression
8. Gambia – nuts replace meat to supply protein as part of the main meal
9. Spain – take a nap
10 – Iceland – eat more fish

243 Health Lessons From Around the World