248 Abe inspects Singapore casinos


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe toured Singapore’s two gaming resorts on Friday as his government considers legalising casino gambling to give the country’s economy a much-needed boost.

Abe arrived in the city-state for a weekend Asian security summit and headed straight to the massive Marina Bay Sands (MBS) complex after landing at Changi Airport.

The premier also inspected the Resorts World Sentosa, a casino setup operated by Malaysia’s Genting Group, the Japanese embassy in Singapore said.

I – Word Understanding
city-state – an independent entity consisting of a city and its surrounding territory
massive – very large

II – Have Your Say
1. Gambling can be a harmless pastime for most, but just like a drug, for some people, gambling becomes an addiction.
Did you know?
Violent crimes are higher in casino countries.
Gambling addiction costs California taxpayers $1 billion a year in criminal justice costs, debt, mental illness including suicide, substance-abuse, unemployment and public assistance.
2. According to an economist, “The development of casinos in Japan could contribute significantly to tourism industry growth.

248 Abe inspects Singapore casinos