251 Android and Windows to get ‘kill switch’


Google and Microsoft will add a “kill-switch” feature to their Android and Windows phone operating systems.

The feature is a method of making a handset completely useless if it is stolen, rendering a theft pointless.

Authorities have been urging tech firms to take steps to help curb phone theft and argued that a kill-switch feature can help resolve the problem.

Apple and Samsung, two of the biggest phone makers, offer a similar feature on some of their devices.

The move by Google and Microsoft means that kill switches will now be a part of the three most popular phone operating systems in the world.

I – Word Understanding
kill-switch – a safety mechanism used to shut off a device in an emergency situation
curb – to control or limit

II – Have Your Say
1. Smartphone theft has become a big problem across the world.
2. Smartphone theft prevention:
Be aware of your surroundings
Lock your phone
Add apps
Save important data
Insure it

251 Android and Windows to get ‘kill switch’