255 Which two things cause employees the most stress?


80 percent of U.S. workers have at least one complaint about their job, which is lower than it was last year.

Long commutes and low pay are the two things causing workers the most stress.

For the fourth consecutive year, small paychecks were the top stressor of employees, with 13 percent of adults ranking low wages as the most stressful aspect of their job, according to a new study from Everest College. Low pay shared the top spot with Americans’ long commute to and from work, which jumped to 13 percent from 9 percent in 2011.

I – Word Understanding
stressor – causes stress
jumped to – increased

II – Have Your Say
1. Other causes of stress on workers:
*unreasonable work load
*annoying co-workers
*a job that is not a chosen career
2. Work-life balance is something that many desire but few are able to successfully achieve without a serious attitude adjustment. One of the biggest obstacles facing employees that want to achieve work-life balance is a lack of ability to prioritize and balance their work and family life.”

255 Which two things cause employees the most stress?