262 From smartwatch and smartpen… to smartcheat?


It used to be as simple as folding a piece of paper up your sleeve or writing on the inside of your wrist. But now, as students across the world ready themselves for exam season, cheating is going high tech.

With smartwatches, smartpens and Google glasses now on the market, the modern pupil has an
array of gadgets to trick the sharpest pair of eyes.

Educators now need to spot — not just keep up with — the latest tech inventions.

“I do think wearable technology is going to be an issue,” Larry Rosen, psychology professor at California State University, told CNN. The Educational Testing Service, or ETS, is likely to be “grappling with this for the SAT, GRE and other standardized exams that they administer,” he said.

I – Word Understanding
array – a large number of things
grappling – dealing with a problem

II – Have Your Say
1. How do we combat high-tech cheating?
China – monitor radio signals and check students with scanners
Florida – surveillance camera
Korea – collect cellphones before exam starts
2. Why and how do we keep kids from cheating in school?
Busy afterschool schedules and technology makes cheating attractive to students. Defining / explaining what cheating can help kids understand it is wrong Instead of pressuring children to do well, encourage then to do their best Entrance exams are very competitive.

262 From smartwatch and smartpen… to smartcheat?