267 Gov’t aims to curb iPhone influence


At the end of June, the “Consumer Protection Working Group,” composed of various influential figures who serve as advisers to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, issued two recommendations: for adoption of a “cleaning off policy on cell phones and smartphones from retail stores” and that “it would be appropriate for carriers to release the SIM locks on phones.”

“Cleaning off” would enable consumers to terminate their contract with a carrier, and would also apply to special sales offers such as mobile phones for children, for tablet computers and so on.

With the share held by Android OS phone models falling, the iPhone’s dominance is such that the carriers that sell them can’t make a profit, and are obliged to prey on customers of rival carriers.

I – Word Understanding
influencial figures – having the power to change
to prey – to take away or steal (customers of rival companies)

II – Have Your Say
1. Apple’s market share in Japan hit almost 70% when iphone 5S and 5C were made available on DoCoMo. Why do Japanese prefer iphone to Japanese brands?
2. Japan is a leader in mobile phone technology and usage. Packed with many features, mobile phones
have become an important and integral part of daily life. Which features are most useful to you?

267 Gov’t aims to curb iPhone influence